Easy Steps to Perform Android SMS Recovery

Android mobile phones comes loaded with lots of advanced features and easy to use functions. It allows users to store lots of data such as contacts list, audio, videos, photos including text messages. However in some conditions SMS stored in Android cell phones get accidentally deleted and becomes totally inaccessible. If you are also one of those pessimists then you are at the right place. From here you will get complete information regarding safe recovery of Android cell phones.

Consider a scenario, while deleting some unimportant text messages from cell phone people accidentally delete the vital messages and later realize that they have done a blunder mistake. In such critical condition the misconception of lots of users worldwide that ones SMS deleted from Android phone can't be recover is a big hurdle. The recovery of deleted text or lost files is easily possible. No matter what are the cause for loss of text messages from cell phone, you can restore all the files in very short span of time and with minimal effort.


When user delete any of the SMS, contact list, audio, video and photos from Android, the data is not vanished instantly. It remains in the phone memory until it is not overwritten. You can recover deleted SMS for Android easily and in very short span of time and with minimal effort using automatic Android data recovery software. It is an advanced application performs safe Android SMS recovery with ease and without any effort.

With the help of application, you can recover the text messages lost in any condition such as formatting of memory card, mishandling of device, phone reset or restore, malfunctioning of hardware and software, memory card error and others. The tool not only retrieve text messages, it is capable to recover other data such as photos, videos, audio, etc. The tool is designed with advance technique and easy to use interface which allows users to restore lost text messages from Mac. So, what are you waiting for opt automatic tool to perform quick Android data recovery.


User Guide : How to Use This Software

Step 1-First you need to Lauch the application.

Execute Android data recovery software, you will get the small window. Use your USB cable for connecting your android phone to your computer. But remember one thing that at a time connect only one device.

Step 2: To Recover the coruppted or lost data from Android phone.

If you have Android 3.0 to 4.1 then enable USB debugging by the following ways:-Enter settings, then click on “Developer options”, After that select USB debugging.

If you have Android 4.2 or its new version then enable USB debugging by the following ways:-Enter settings, Click on About phone, Tab on build number until getting the “you are developer mode”, Go back to your settings, Click developer option and then select USB debugging.

Step 3: After USB debugging, Click on Start button. Here you can analyze your data on your phone.

If Allow button is not working then check your device and again allow for scan.

Step 4 :- After data scanning, you can preview your all recoverable data found in your scan result and deleted data like messages and contacts will be show in red color.